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Painfree Seminar in English

Dieser Kurs hat bereits begonnen, aber du kannst die restlichen Sessions buchen.

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  • Begonnen am: 8. Apr.
  • 30 Schweizer Franken
  • Sternenweg

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Thank you for your interest in my seminar, Two hours to learn a new way to deal with pain. In these two hours, you will learn specific techniques and measures for managing pain. You'll learn about the effects of autosuggestion on pain. Receive guidance on symptom relief and understand how pain arises. Key topics of pain therapy include: • Injuries and their healing processes • Pain control • Post-hypnotic suggestions • Self-hypnosis • Including a personal discussion after 2 weeks Price: CHF 30.- per session This offer is a specially for my english speaking frends, faciitated in english The pain-free seminars always take place on the 26th of each month. Time will be determined after booking selection.

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Kosten CHf 30 pro Sitzung


  • Andrea Tschanz,Hypnosetherapie Sternenweg 2a, Oensingen, Schweiz


Hypnose- und

Gesprächstherapie nach Invaluation®

Energy Healing

Tanze durch dein Leben mit Andrea Tschanz Hypnosetherapie

Andrea Tschanz
Gesprächstherapie nach Invaluation®
y Healing

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