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Painfree Intensive Seminar Englisch

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In 4 Weeks Seminar to a better relationship with your pain.

  • Beginnt am: 24. Juni
  • 227 Schweizer Franken
  • Online Seminar

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Thank you very much for your interest in my Pain-Free Intensive Seminar. During this seminar, we will meet over 4 weeks at the dates and times you can select in the registration form. In these 4 sessions of 2 hours each, you will learn specific techniques and measures for dealing with pain. You'll learn the effects of autosuggestion in relation to pain, receive instructions for relieving symptoms, and gain an understanding of how pain arises. Additionally, you'll gain insight into the application of analytical processes for treating root causes that can generate psychosomatic pain patterns. The main topics of pain therapy include: • Injuries and their healing process • Pain control • Cause-specific therapy • Post-hypnotic suggestions • Self-hypnosis Course fee: 227 CHF The next dates for the Pain-Free Seminar are Die nächsten Termine für das Schmerzfrei Seminar September 23th 2024 September 30th 2024 October 7th 2024 October 14th 2024 21.00 PM CET on Zoom

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Kosten CHf 30 pro Sitzung



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