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Hypno Healing by Allergies English

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Hypnosis and Healing by Allergies

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  • 30 Schweizer Franken
  • Sternenweg 2a

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Our immune system is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which in turn is strongly influenced by our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Influence of Stress and Emotions Have you noticed that your allergic reactions become stronger under stress? Or how strong the resistance to certain foods is? Or perhaps the desire to trigger a strong rejection towards the allergy? Key to Change Hypnosis offers the key to deciphering the programs of the autonomic nervous system, in which we can find out: The causes of overreactions How they originated What effects the symptoms are supposed to produce In these two hours, you will learn initial tools with which you can regain control over your energy. The next Hypnohealing Seminar is on September 16th 2024

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Kosten CHf 30 pro Sitzung


  • Andrea Tschanz Hypnosetherapie, Sternenweg, Oensingen, Switzerland


Hypnose- und

Gesprächstherapie nach Invaluation®

Energy Healing

Tanze durch dein Leben mit Andrea Tschanz Hypnosetherapie

Andrea Tschanz
Gesprächstherapie nach Invaluation®
y Healing

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