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The hamster wheel


Good day

I am the threat.

Imagine I'm a little hunchbacked cat standing in front of your hamster wheel waiting for you to slow down or stop!

I am part of your basic fears. With the fear of loneliness, I am the drive for you in your hamster wheel. You will never be able to put your own needs before the needs of others. I can make you want to please in all situations in life - and cheer on your fear of being abandoned again and again.

This is relatively easy for me, because the need to please is an innate need.

You've already learned as a baby, when you're a dear child, smile at your mommy and make an effort to progress, you get a lot more attention.

Even then your hamster wheel was installed! And the older you got, the more you learned to walk in it because you got everything you needed.

You have been praised, you have been strengthened, you have been helped. But you have also learned that you will achieve different results if you stop wanting to please.

Many people live in a form of hamster wheel of wanting to please. Because they have never learned that love is unconditional! So my threats have made you quite afraid of not pleasing.

And as I see it, I have done this task very well with a lot of people.

Sometimes I also got help! Because I have also ensured in your environment that your fear of injury, physical and emotional pain is promoted.

I can amplify this fear quite well by promoting the fear of failure in your parents.

Every time you wanted to try yourself out and something failed, I made it clear to your parents that you were disobedient - because they didn't take care of you well enough.

Some parents have become threatening themselves through my support.

Got angry, yelled at you and in some cases they even became violent.

They have hurt you physically as well as psychologically so much that you may not have recovered from them even to this day.

My business has grown with it. Not only did I set in motion the hamster wheel not to be hurt, but I also put your parents in the hamster wheel of failure.

I am a real professional in establishing hamster wheels!

The nice thing about it is that I don't have to be so careful that my people stop running, because people's fears are so diverse and powerful that they drive themselves again and again. They get everything they need to be able to continue walking. They don't even get the idea to stop.

The fastest and best run are the hamster wheels associated with a disease. If people have the idea that running protects them from dying, losing control of their own lives, they get a variety of help from the outside to continue walking.

They are threatened to die as soon as they change something about their hamster wheel, which always works the same way.

I can - in my figure of the cat - just sneak around a bit from time to time. Can make a hump and one of my incomprehensible glances into the round and already the wheels run even faster. This is very exciting!

But I don't like that at all. I have to watch every day as people torment themselves with their fears.

I think that people have a completely wrong picture of me. I bear the burden of being a threat to thoughts that are not guided by me.

Because those who are afraid of being abandoned and afraid of being hurt, of not being good enough, also run the risk that the body reacts with symptoms and diseases to the always negative spirals of thought.

Because our cells are programmed for development and growth from birth. If this natural process is permanently slowed down and prevented by thinking of shame, guilt and being insufficiently present all the time, I will only be used as a placeholder for the resulting feelings!

I don't have a direct influence on that. Because the influences come from the environment, which is also at home in the hamster wheel.

Anyone who is able to focus on changing these negative spirals of thought instead of letting them continue to lead the tide will find that I suddenly no longer find myself in the role of threat. But I am a guide in the right direction.

The hamster comes to a standstill!

We can sit down together - develop strategies that allow your life to take a new course.

For most people, however, they have learned to simply turn the negative thoughts into positive ones.

This means for the body that it is fighting against resistance all the time. The word fear, simply to be replaced with the word courage, creates a considerable resistance on the emotional level, which must be overcome over and over again.

This is so exhausting that there are always new runs in the hamster wheel. Because the subconscious mind is still stuck in the old pattern of struggle.

It no longer fights against the threat, or the fear - but against the non-existent references!

In order to change the old beliefs, or to mitigate the negative events responsible for these fears, we need to be able to speak the language of the subconscious.

With certain techniques it is possible to send the critical instance temporarily into the break. Through communication with the subconscious and hypnosis, desired references can then be set. These make it possible to cancel out the resistance through the oppositeness.

If this succeeds, it is then much easier to establish new properties in everyday life.

With hypnosis, it is possible to change long-standing beliefs. And it is also possible to change running programs.

If we look at this in the context of symptoms and diseases, the connections in the subconscious mind are designed in such a way that the symptoms copy each other again and again. The cells divide over and over again with the same error. And once established incidents are repeated again and again.

At that moment, from the experiences we know from medical events, we are quick to say that a symptom or disease is incurable.

Since we and the subconscious mind are also designed to survive, to ensure survival, we very quickly begin to fight against this deterioration.

The focus, the threat, is always in the fight against deterioration.

Only when so much energy is devoted to the fight against deterioration, there is hardly any energy left to focus on healing and improvement. So we are very quickly back in the running step, in the hamster wheel!

We support the run with all the therapy options that are available to us. All medications, as well as our environment, strive to make it as easy as possible for us to walk. Often they even find themselves in a position to run with us.

Only in the situation of incurable disease we walk directly to the end of our existence.

Only at the moment when this threat "end" is no longer the focus as a combat object, the thoughts are allowed to focus on the support that medicine can provide us to create an improvement, the direction changes.

The pharmaceutical industry has developed drugs for these serious diseases to weaken the disease. Improve the condition of patients, destroy and stop malignant cell divisions. But the experiences of the past of these threatening thoughts create the power to lose control of life.

So that the drug can not unfold the effect for which it was actually developed. The many negative results of the past, listed as a warning in the instructions for use, revive the spiral of thought of the fight against the side effects. So that the effect and the support falls out of focus.

We also know this hamster wheel from countless courses with allergies and allergic symptoms. Be it foods that are becoming more and more numerous and trigger symptoms, or skin irritations, which can demand an infinite amount of time for care. In addition to the fact that these symptoms trigger very unpleasant feelings, or can even deprive us of the air to breathe.

Many positive courses with the communication with the subconscious show that especially in this area, both very good progress can be achieved, as well as often the symptoms disappear completely when we learn to speak the language of the subconscious.

We learn to pay attention to the signals of the body again and the necessity of the symptoms dissolves.

Pain is always a warning that something is not as it should be. If we remain in the spiral that the trigger of the pain is getting worse and worse, the body also has the task of warning us more and more about it. To slow us down in the activities that put even more strain on the institutions.

If we are able to reverse this degradation without creating resistance, there is also the need to stop sending a warning all the time. The pain disappears only because of the new thoughts.

The thought creates the feeling, the feeling creates the action, the action creates the result! You can do the following exercise for yourself. Imagine you have one of these balance scales. On the right side are all your good thoughts of the day and on the left side all negative thoughts. What does your scale look like after one day? Which side has more weight?

If you now find that your scale has more load on the left side, or is roughly balanced, you should not hesitate to learn the language of communication with the subconscious. So that you too will develop a purring kitten on your lap from the threat.

In the future, I look forward to having the position in your life for which I was created.

Your purring kitten

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