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Here you'll find links and offerings from teachers and friends who have been invaluable in supporting me on my journey and aiding in my growth and development.

Chad Allen
The Chad Allen Method®

Thank you Chad for your love, mindfulness, precision and friendship!  There is so much more in our time together than words can express.

Chad Allen .png
The Chad Allen Method

Chad Allen and The Chad Allen Method® transcend the conventional notion of a gym. With abundant love, mindfulness, and patience, Chad Allen cultivates harmony and equilibrium among body, mind, and soul. Infusing his sessions with contageous joy, enthusiasm, and unwavering consistency, he ignites an energy flow that becomes irresistible once initiated.

Yet, The Chad Allen Method® extends far beyond mere physical training for me. Leveraging his expertise in mental and spiritual realms, Chad fosters self-worth, dispels doubt, and guides introspection to elevate the trinity of body, mind, and soul.

Chad has an unparalleled knack for unlocking facets of my body that I never thought possible.

The fusion of Joyful of Heart Worldwide imbues the mental and spiritual spheres with boundless variety and unconditional love. The Chad Allen Method® consistently delivers a unique and enriching experience in my life.

Do you also sit at your desk far too often? Give it a try!

Joyful of Heart Worldwide
Every Saturday at 5:45 p.m. CET, the community meets at Joyful of Heart Worldwide on Zoom.
Chad Allen is leading through a gathering about experiences, challenges and information.  Development, experiences and exchanging the areas of healing, mindfulness, connectedness and one's own being are finding space. A very valuable community in which every participant can find place, ask questions and express  thoughts.

The Reconnection

DR Erich Pearl and Jillian Fleerpng

thanks dr Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer

Love and Hugs!

For years, Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer of The Reconnection® and Reconnective Healing® have been instrumental in shaping the frequency healing practices I incorporate into my own work. As someone who experiences Reconnective Healing firsthand, I've found Dr. Eric and Jillian's weekly community gatherings to be invaluable, offering a wealth of experience and insights.

Every Wednesday at 4:45 p.m. CET, Dr. Eric goes live on Instagram, delivering valuable information on understanding frequency energy within the context of The Reconnection® and Reconnective Healing®.

Following the live session, enriching discussions unfold, delving deep into a myriad of healing-related topics. What may surprise you is that the focus isn't solely on healing or becoming a healer; rather, it's about YOU – your ENERGY, your LIGHT, and your INFORMATION.

Dr. Pearl and Jillian Fleer possess a remarkable ability to deeply resonate with participants, offering illuminating explanations and fostering valuable exchanges.

The love they radiate towards each other is palpable, and they extend that same warmth and care to every participant.

Younity transp..png
Anke Evertz

It is always a special pleasure and honor for me to work for Younity as a volunteer.

Supporting Younity in a team of people that stands for warmth, enthusiasm and openness to everyone and everything is not only infinitely fun, but is always an enrichment. ​

Very often there is also the opportunity to get to know speakers personally and to exchange ideas. Enriching conversations and very special moments were created in this way, with Anke Evertz together with Julilea and Bruce Lipton will remain an unforgettable moment for me.

But also the really big events are an impressive experience. So with 7000 people in the St. Jakobshalle Basel with Dr Joe Dispenza. ​


I can often be found at the book table due to my very limited walking ability. I really enjoy this exchange with the participants and am very grateful to Younity for this opportunity. ​


Maybe we'll see you at one of the next events. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Bruce Lipton at Younity in Basel
Dr Joe Dispenza @younity Basel

Flow Summit 2024


to the training

Training courses and events

Palacios Relations.

I was able to complete my hypnosis and talk therapy training with Gabriel Palacios.

Palacios Relations not only offers training, but remains a lifelong contact throughout the journey of a practicing hypnotherapist. Be it through:

  • always excellently selected lectures which also promote contact with colleagues again and again,

  • the monthly Q & A in which every therapist can always ask questions

  • but also with regularly offered supervisions, where concerns can be discussed in depth in one's own practice.


With an apprenticeship at Gabriel Palacios you will never feel alone in your business.

I am still very happy to be part of his offers in further education or spiritual development, which also regularly promotes contact with each other and often solves my own challenges at the same time.

Hypnoses- and

Talk-Therapy after Invaluation®

Energy Healing

Tanze durch dein Leben mit Andrea Tschanz Hypnosetherapie

Andrea Tschanz
Talktherapy after Invaluation®
y Healing

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