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The Transformative Journey with - GYROKINESIS® Awakening of the Senses:

A Testimonial

It's been almost 2 years now since I decided to begin my training with Chad Allen at The Chad Allen Method. Therefore, I'd like to preempt the title to provide a better understanding.

The Beginnings and Challenges

At the outset, due to a congenital hip deformity and resulting issues, my musculature was very weak, my movement severely restricted, and what I could achieve through traditional physiotherapy simply wasn't feasible. The motivation to regularly do the exercises was overshadowed by the pain and discomfort the training itself produced, so I was always relieved when the prescription was fulfilled and I didn't have to go anymore.

I came to know The Chad Allen Method through Joyful of Heart Worldwide, and this time every Saturday evening quickly became an integral part of my life that I wouldn't want to miss. As a hypnotherapist and energy healing practitioner, I live in a realm between a clear, rational understanding and a wide-open spirituality that far surpasses the limits of our comprehension. The ability to connect these realms in openness allows for creating changes in hypnotherapy that can lead to healing not achievable with traditional therapy methods. However, Chad Allen shares in his studio at The Chad Allen Method, with his holistic approaches from various training methods, an equally profound and versatile spectrum that unites movement and energy flow in harmony. This harmony has fascinated me from the beginning and moves me anew every day. To grasp this harmony in its entirety is a wonderful journey that combines rational thinking, spirituality, and movement, allowing for experiencing new aspects of it repeatedly. Joyful of Heart has become an important pillar for me, providing through our global community a wealth of experiences and a limitless variety of enrichment and perspectives.

The Path to Freedom of Movement

Chad Allen slowly and gently guided me with exercises from the GYROKINESIS® System to relearn the basics of my body, which now grant me a freedom of movement I've never had before. There were times when I doubted whether Chad even believed I could achieve these high training goals. The steps were so small, and often, when we integrated something new, there was a setback. But what always motivated me was the time spent with the exercises. Because for me, that's the moment when my body is perceived in its movement, its energy, and its flow. And can express things that can then be translated by Chad. Chad Allen has an incredible talent for reading the body and communicating with it in a way that was completely foreign to me before. This results in execution leading to strength in a completely unique way, without resistance.

The Liberation of the Senses

With GYROKINESIS® Awakening of the Senses, I also manage to release the stiffness of the nights. When I started training, a night was never longer than 4 hours. Over a period of 30 years, I had come to my limits. The body eventually gets used to getting by with little sleep. However, the brain reacts with decreased performance, reduced receptivity, and a kind of monotony that is difficult to break out of. I led a life full of external stimuli that forced me to act. Today, I sleep easily between 6 and 8 hours, and if it was very challenging, I can even sleep for 12 hours. However, my body reacts to these long periods without movement with stiffness.

Chad then introduced me to the tools from Awakening of the Senses. I simply love these sequences! Not only because they release the morning tension and stiffness from the body, it goes much further!

The Deep Perception of Energy Flow

In my offerings as a hypnotherapist and in energy healing, I work very intensively with the feeling of frequencies and vibrations. Energy flows that have lost their natural flow due to misalignments and incorrect postures, I can now perceive on a much finer level. Especially with Awakening of the Senses, this sensitivity to energies and vibrations is deepened in a truly unique way. Not only in the classical application when working with hands or what could be interpreted as energy transfer.

For me, Awakening of the Senses is not only a preparation of my body for the day. I also use its individual parts during breaks to maintain my energy level throughout the day. It helps me to regulate emotional balance through energy spirals and balances tensions from prolonged, consistent posture.

When I additionally incorporate the sequences into my daily GYROKINESIS® training, which I usually do just before going to bed, these sequences also have a clarifying and cleansing effect on the energy. Especially when I have been in contact with many different people during the day, I love this effect very much. It also allows me to fall asleep very quickly because body and mind can no longer sustain these thought spirals in the flow of energy.

However, in Energy Healing as well, the deep perception of energy flow brings a much deeper understanding. With the sensitivity that we create with focus and attention in feeling, it's as if I'm learning a new language. It's like a translation between the language spoken by the energy and me as a person performing the healing. Awakening of the Senses allows for a perception at a depth that arises beyond the flow of energy and spirals that I would never come to in thought. I cannot explain the potential that this perception has at this point in time. This will be shown in the experience. But that this could mean a connection from the perspective of healing, I would not want to dismiss.

A Recommendation for Energy Healers and Seekers

Especially for people working with energy healing, Reiki, and psychobioenergetic tools, I can highly recommend learning GYROKINESIS® Awakening of the Senses.

The beauty of it is, I don't even have to leave the house.

A Call to Register

Chad Allen offers several GYROKINESIS® online courses, including Awakening of the Senses, and the opportunity to practice together with others is an incomparable joy. If you're interested, 45 minutes before Joyful of Heart on Saturdays, Chad Allen offers the opportunity to open his classroom and practice Awakening of the Senses in a small group of up to 20 people.

I train so much for myself alone that it's just a huge enrichment and joy to be together with friends in a group once. Please feel invited to register on this link an join a joyful moment in motion. We are lokking forward to seeing you.

Warm regards, Your Andrea

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