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Welcome to my website! I am delighted to have you here!

I'm thrilled that you've found your way here and I'm eager to get to know you better!

My name is Andrea, and it's my passion to support individuals like you who are facing physical challenges and pushing their limits. I've walked a path with mobility impairments, chronic pain, and emotionally taxing events. Through daily use of various tools, I've gathered a valuable treasure trove of self-experience that I'd love to share with you. My goal is to show you how to help yourself with these tools, strengthening your self-confidence and tapping into your inner strength and potential.

Unique Approach

A unique aspect of my work is the integration of energy anatomy, bridging the material and spiritual realms. By learning my techniques, you'll be able to better understand yourself and bring about positive changes.

Hypnosis and Energy Work

Through hypnosis, we can cultivate acceptance for desired changes in the mind, which often can be a solution for your concerns. Additionally, I'll teach you how to work with frequencies, vibrations, and your own healing energy to bring about powerful changes that your rational mind may not fully comprehend.

Guided Practices

My offered sessions provide an individual experiential practice that requires no additional training. You simply immerse yourself in the feeling generated, and many everyday challenges can magically transform.

Let's Connect

It would be my pleasure to accompany you on your journey and redefine your boundaries together. Don't hesitate to contact me—I look forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards, Andrea

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Certified hypnotherapist with Gabriel Palacios
Certified talk therapy after evaluation
Certified pain therapy at Palaciosrelations by Stéphane Graul
Certified hypnotherapist with Gabriel Palacios, Palaciosrelations
Certified conversation therapist with Gabriel Palacios, Palaciosrelations
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vsh-Association_Swiss hypnotherapists
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When people who don't really know you write dedications,
who hit the mark with their own dream, it becomes magical!

Just let it happen. Bestseller by Gabriel Palacios
Thank you Gabriel Palacios for these accurate words!

Thank you Gabriel Palacios for these fitting words!

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