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On this page you will find all the methods and offers I have developed on the subject of becoming pain-free.
As a pain patient myself for over 45 years, I have specialized in freedom from pain. Suddenly being pain-free after many years is not a miracle, but a development. It is a high level of work on oneself and constant, tireless training that ultimately causes the nerve cells to react differently. So no sorcery and no witchcraft. It's work, plain and simple.
Work can be uncomfortable at times. And a lot of people don't want to be pain free. Which is perfectly understandable for me.

If a life is built on pain and enduring pain, being pain-free sometimes has consequences that completely change the standard of living. Suddenly no longer having such a large space, which often entails the pain, can be a feeling of great loss, a hole that is being created and can also be a great psychological challenge. That's why I'm here for you. As a pain-free expert, I can take you by the hand and accompany you through all the challenges on the way to freedom from pain.

So this is not about a single hypnosis but about a longer path of development.
How I mastered this path can be found in the free PDF that you can order from me below.
I'm there for you if you have any questions. you can just contact me
For the professional impulses of hypnosis for pain, please click on the link to pain therapeutic hypnosis . Thanks very much.

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And of course your very individual and personal hypnosis session

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This book describes my journey from endless loop therapy to painlessness. Born with an undeveloped hip, through a childhood of many surgeries, to a point where walking has become almost impossible. Accompanied for a long time by physical pain, and psychological pain of rejection and not being able to do anything well enough. The path with mental training, meditation and hypnosis, back to life with your own hypnosis practice. It tells of many hurdles and obstacles and reflections about yourself and your own life. A path that, through imagination, can achieve great changes on a physical level. A path that brings peace and trust in one's own abilities and relationships through a changed perspective. This book is available in public bookstores.

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