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Last hope hypnosis


Dear Friends of hypnosis

Sometimes clients come to me with the statement. You are my last resort.

If nothing helps, then hypnosis helps. On the one hand, I find this very exciting, but also a pity. Because these clients usually have a huge odyssey of therapies, drugs with more or less consequential side effects and above all always end deceptions behind them. Now they come to us with a certain expectation that hypnotherapy will help them. And miraculously, it does!

Why is she doing this? Why then are there these clients who become completely symptom-free from an incurable symptomatology within a very short time?

What happens in hypnosis that makes such changes possible?

The first thing a good hypnotherapist does is nothing! Yes, you see right! At first I don't do anything at all and yet something very important. I'll just listen to you. And ask questions. By the way, this shows you whether Du have a good therapist, that he only listens and asks questions for a certain time. You won't get an answer or a solution to your problem at that time. Because I don't know that at the time. However, I know how I can lead you to find your own solution.

What I do is take notes. I write down certain words that you use more often. I use your language to lead you in a hypnotic trance journey to your solution. This solution creates the change in your behavior, in your feeling and in your development.

You've probably had a solution that has been imposed on you. Through a diagnosis, a perspective or simply through recurring affirmative experiences that have supported your thinking. You have accepted the result of this for your truth. Now that I am your last hope, you are open to thinking otherwise. With my help, you establish the right feeling in hypnosis, which convinces your subconscious that a different course is taking place. If you stay in this course, your symptoms will also change.

If this works in a seemingly hopeless situation, as a last hope, wouldn't it be worthwhile to consider this as a therapy supplement from the beginning? Could it not then be possible that you could save yourself a lot of end deceptions? Could it not be that your ideas would be much less dramatic if you did it earlier? Maybe you could achieve a positive effect much faster?

Only in hypnotherapy you get the tool that is personally tailored to you.

Only in hypnotherapy you are not dependent on therapists who have to treat you in the same way again and again. You are immediately able to apply it to yourself.

You do not work against constraints or resistance, because the result comes from yourself and suits you.

It costs you a few short thoughts a day and not hours of training sessions.

Give it a try! You can only win! I was allowed to experience it myself and today I am hypnosis and talk therapist after invaluation®

Do you have any questions? Then get in touch with me.

Only the best from the heart

Your Andrea

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