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Hello dear reader

It's great that you found this blog.

My name is gratitude. - I am a feeling that can manifest itself in many different forms. I don't really let myself be classified!

Describing myself is very different - and different for everyone.

Sometimes I show myself in the form of joy, lightness and warmth of heart.

Sometimes it can be that it gets a bit tight in the throat, or I make myself felt with heaviness in the stream.

When I'm allowed to develop to my full potential, it's usually just overwhelming! I can create a radiant laugh, but also let the salty tears of relief flow.

I'm sure you've met me in your life too!

For some I am a regular guest, for some I am a little less frequent.

But when I am invited, I always follow your invitation.

There are people who invite me to themselves every day in the form of a prayer or a regular habit.

However, I do not always feel properly perceived by some. I always find it a pity when I become a habit.

For example, in a verse, a story or a poem that is spoken monotonously and no longer finds access to the heart. Because I am a very good and also helpful conversation partner.

If you learn - to communicate with me, you will be able to fully perceive your feelings.

In order to realize your plans and goals, I am a good conversation partner!

I can help you make the right decisions.

Should something have gone wrong, you are not satisfied with your result, I can also show you your mistake and guide you back on the right path for you.

Young children usually get to know me as a compulsory act.

Saying thank you is one of the first actions that makes contact with me!

Unfortunately, it is more often the case later that I am only welcome when it comes to material things. However, this form of gratitude dampens my light so much that I fall asleep regularly.

This no longer creates a soulful connection to me for you. Like the family picture on the living room chest of drawers, I then become a kind of habit.

Since I am changeable, however, it is much nicer to get to know me again and again, to observe and share myself.

This allows me to grow my potential to great things.

An idea of experiencing a vision together and sharing it with as many as possible can bring about great changes – and develop energies that go far beyond spiritual thinking. Energies that can give rise to healing - and make visions a reality.

However, I never change in one. I am always there for you and stand by your side in all your needs.

Let's stay connected and walk your life path together.

For you and for as many as possible, thank you.

Your gratitude.

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