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We live in times of fear, which is already firmly anchored in the hearts of many.

Thoughts of uncertainty, "worst case" scenarios, constantly trigger the same images and films over and over again. That's the worst thing that can happen. Like the colored laundry in the washing machine, they turn over and over again into the focus of your attention. Push themselves into every imagination, into every plan, into every activity. They never rest. You can do whatever you want. You can distract yourself, you can completely overload your brain with computer games, listen to loud music, change nothing.

You're in the middle of an anxiety disorder that turns on as soon as you don't distract yourself for just a second.

Why is that?

The chemical balance of the body is completely out of balance, the brain is at a frequency between 22 and 50 cycles per second. The energy is deposited in the arms and legs and you can no longer absorb anything. Your entire system is in flight and fight mode. The body is flooded by the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

If you are no longer able to reduce this stress, your body gets used to these amounts of chemicals. You become addicted to stress.

The body is very inventive. It triggers emotions (anger, stress, shame, despair, hopelessness). He is now doing everything he can to keep you in the state where stress hormones continue to be released.

The consequence of this is; Diseases of the digestive system, the immune system and thus also of the nervous system. Although cortisol is an anti-pain and anti-inflammatory, it remains in the body in such high doses in the long run, it is toxic. It eats holes in the immune system.

Your energy is stored in the arms and legs, you no longer have energy in the middle of the body. Digestion, metabolism and also the circulation are no longer able to function. You feel bad.

I'm sure you're getting some examples in your head right now.

I have a question: Where did it all start?

Exactly, with a thought, a movie in your head.

What do you need to change accordingly? Right, the thought.

But now I have said that it rotates like the colored laundry in the machine, always in your head. Yes, that's exactly right. Because now you recognize him.

What is his name?

For example, "I can't do that?", or "I'm way too stupid to do that?", or "I'll never be able to do that?", or "Nobody loves me?", "I don't benefit anyone anyway?" "That was such a huge mistake?"

What else? What is your sentence called? Or your sentences?

To prevent this emission of stress hormones, all you have to do now is say "Stop".

Stop! This "stop" already prevents the nerve cells from conducting the impulse stress via the brain stem into the adrenal cortex. The emission of stress hormones is prevented, only by the simple stop saying.

Now you imagine a good feeling. One that gives you joy, where you have fun, perhaps loving and grateful, or can be proud.

How do you do that?

By practicing this process over and over again, sitting down regularly for meditation and monitoring your thoughts. Stop the thought again and again and bring it back to the moment when you have such good feelings. Then the chemical cocktail in your body changes. You relax, come out of stress and have energy again, which is available for the regulation of your inner balance.

If you haven't started yet, start meditating now.

For support, you will find meditation _mit_drjoe and selbsthypnose_und_meditation help and tips in the profiles. As well as an exchange with people who meditate regularly.

Many diseases can be improved, solely by controlling the thoughts. Isn't it worth a try?

However, be patient. It took you quite a while to get to the current state. Also, take some time until you notice the first changes. I also want to warn you, because it won't feel comfortable. Your body will become stubborn. He will put all sorts of obstacles in your way. Itching, having to go to the toilet, tension or headaches can make meditation difficult for you. But don't give up. It's worth it!

Also with hypnosis and talk therapy after invaluation and my meditation groups, I can accompany you on your way. You can find more information on this website.

Change your mind, change your health.

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