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Journey to Forgiveness: Healing Through Letting Go

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Experience the Powerful Connection of Hypnosis and Energy Healing in Forgiveness Work.

Release old wounds, free yourself from inner blockages, and feel the transformative power of self-healing. Immerse yourself in this profound process to create a life full of freedom and fulfillment.

Forgiving oneself and others is one of the most fundamental methods of spiritual healing. Anyone can apply this. Forgiveness is something entirely natural; you don't have to learn anything extra for it. And yet, it can be the most difficult thing a person has ever done in their entire life. Some people take decades to forgive something, and some take their resentment with them to the grave. Others have repressed it so deeply that they cannot even access their forgiveness issues without additional work, such as inner child work.

The Liberation Through Forgiveness

This guilt can become a heavy burden that prevents us from standing upright in life. It also prevents us from being centered within ourselves because guilt pulls us towards the person we owe something to. On the other side stands the one who is owed.

He, too, is, so to speak, affected by the debtor, by being pulled towards the one who owes. Energetically speaking, the debtor/guilty one attracts him, causing him to lose his center as well. He can release the bond to the guilty one through forgiveness.

The Power of Forgiveness

In the word forgiveness lies the word "for-give."

From this word, it is already apparent that whenever something has been "given wrongly," whenever something has been pulled in the wrong direction, whenever something is pulling in the wrong direction, forgiveness is necessary. The misaligned is realigned, so to speak, and thereby returns to the right track, to the balanced state, to the divine order.

Unable to Forgive Sometimes the pain has been so great that one believes one cannot forgive. In such a case, one can break down the forgiveness issue into several parts to address it in individual steps.

Healing Through Forgiveness

Lasting inner peace requires forgiveness. Only after the process of forgiveness can a deep inner peace manifest in a person. This inner peace, in turn, is the prerequisite for the free flow of life force, which comes from the person itself.

The Importance of Forgiveness for Health A common cause of problems of all kinds, or even illnesses, is the grudge that a person carries with them. This is often projected onto other people who actually have nothing to do with it. Lack of forgiveness is also the real cause for many illnesses.

The Practice of Forgiveness

Whoever forgives others will also be forgiven themselves. Forgiveness takes place in one's own mind, nowhere else. As long as something is not forgiven, there is something like a dark lump of energy attached to the person who has not forgiven, which is also energetically connected to the other involved persons.

Forgiving in Hypnotherapy

With this innovative technique, we can gently approach forgiveness work using hypnosis. In hypnotherapy, suppressed and repressed feelings can surface and be released and changed.

Schedule your appointment for a personal consultation now.

This appointment is a personal gift for you and is not bound to any further obligations.

This therapy consists of 2 planned sessions spaced 2 weeks apart. Access to the meditation group can be added at a reduced price.

Price: 407 CHF

Schedule your appointment for a personal consultation now.

This appointment is a personal gift for you and is not bound to any further obligations.

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