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Overcoming Trauma:
Healing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with Hypnosis and Energy Healing

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is increasingly affecting individuals who have experienced traumatic events. The term was coined in the context of the Vietnam War, and the horrors of war were reflected in the faces and souls of those who endured it long after the battles. However, PTSD is not limited to war veterans. Victims of brutal assaults, natural disasters, train conductors who have run over suicide victims, rescue teams providing care to severely injured accident victims, or women experiencing domestic violence can also suffer from PTSD.

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PTSD is based on trauma and requires professional treatment by trained therapists. Severe traumas can have profound and lasting effects, potentially turning individuals into emotional wrecks for life. While historically wars have demanded terrible sacrifices, the living "ghosts" plagued by their unprocessed trauma were often overlooked. Today, we better understand how traumatic the experiences of soldiers in trenches, submarines, or bunkers can be. Additionally, PTSD rates are rising in civilized countries that have not experienced war for decades. Two world wars, terrible accidents, increasing acts of violence, and many natural disasters have taught us that timely and appropriate treatment is crucial to making victims' trauma more bearable and restoring lost quality of life. It is important to recognize that anyone can suffer from PTSD after a traumatic event and may need therapeutic help, as flashbacks of the experience can persist for years.

Causes of PTSD:

Studies show that the causes of PTSD are often multifactorial. While some people may find events such as divorce or miscarriage traumatic, such occurrences rarely lead to PTSD. Severe traumas, however, have profound effects on the psyche as they lie beyond our usual realm of experience.

How the brain processes traumatic experiences: Traumatic experiences are stored in various areas of the brain, including the amygdala, which stores current impressions and makes them quickly retrievable. The hippocampus is responsible for storing traumatic memories. Flashbacks, nightmares, and physical symptoms related to PTSD occur.

Therapeutic approaches for trauma and PTSD:

Hypnosis offers an effective treatment for trauma by gently guiding individuals back to the distressing situation, allowing them to express suppressed emotions, and creating a safe environment to process the traumatic experience. Another alternative is Energy Meridian Therapy, which treats energetic blockages on the body's meridians associated with PTSD symptoms.

Combining Hypnosis and Energy Meridian Therapy: Both approaches can be combined to enhance therapeutic outcomes and provide relief even to patients with severe traumas. Through hypnosis, traumatic experiences can finally be processed, and through Energy Meridian Therapy, energetic blockages associated with traumatic memories can be resolved, enabling individuals to find a path to healing and recovery.


Trauma profoundly affects individuals and influences their daily lives and relationships. Effective therapeutic interventions such as hypnosis and energy healing offer hope and healing for those suffering from PTSD, allowing them to reclaim their lives and find peace.

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