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Weight Loss

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In no area of life are there more things to do and avoid than in nutrition. We have all long been hypnotized by things we all have to abstain from.

The harmonious and natural approach to nutrition has been lost along the way. Discover how hypnosis and energy healing can assist in treating overweight in a holistic manner. Explore innovative approaches to weight reduction based on mental and energetic principles. Learn more about the transformative power of these techniques and how they can help you achieve your health goals.

In my hypnotherapy sessions, spanning over 10 weeks with intervals of two weeks, you will regain trust in your eating behavior. We will explore your thought patterns, feelings, and emotions regarding yourself and your food. Often, overweight is not due to eating habits but to the relationship with oneself. Changing these fundamentals will lead to a long-term, relaxed approach to your nutrition, without adhering to meal plans and regulations.

The package includes 5 sessions. Price: 947 CHF

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