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Regenerate the body

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on-line seminars

Regenerate the body
With this seminar I accompany you over 6 months every 2 weeks via Zoom

We start on Wednesday, July 22, 2022 at 8:00 p.m
To give you maximum success
the seminar is limited to 12 places!

During these 12 evenings you will learn specific techniques and measures to deal with your symptoms.

You learn what autosuggestion does. Get a guide to relieving symptoms and how your concern arises.
And get insights into the application of analytical processes to treat causes that can generate the thoughts and feelings.

The main topics of therapy are:

  • Injuries and their healing process physically and energetically

  • Thoughts and the effects on the body                       

  • Cause-specific belief and feeling patterns

  • habits and their effects

  • Why affirmations are useless           

  • Posthypnotic suggestions        

  • self hypnosis

Due to time constraints, this seminar only takes place once a year. I guarantee you my full attention for 6 months. So decide now for your change and be one of the 12 people who will be intensively accompanied by me this year and who will benefit from all my knowledge.

Costs 555 CHF

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Thanks very much!

Hypnoses- and

Talk-Therapy after Invaluation®

Energy Healing

Tanze durch dein Leben mit Andrea Tschanz Hypnosetherapie

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