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Regression/ Reincarnation

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looking into the past,
a glimpse of a past life.
This way of hypnotherapy is often a part of anxiety therapy, but also in the case of blockages, compulsions or symptoms in connection with the immune system. These may have caused so-called incorrect links. Our autonomic nervous system overvalues these and reacts in a flash to certain situations.
The reason for this lies in the concealment of what we have forgotten. It doesn't matter whether it's in this life or in a previous life.
In regression and reincarnation therapy we go back to the time when these feelings that challenge you today arose. We look at the situation and release the imprint that doesn't serve us.
With this form of therapy, I cannot say how many sessions it takes.
In order to go into regression and reincarnation, we need to be able to get involved in the process to a certain extent.
Some can achieve their goal in the first session, others need a bit of training to get there. However, both have their advantages.
The single session is charged at the standard rate of 227 CHF.
At CHF 587, a package of 3 sessions is cheaper than 3 individual sessions.

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