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With 7000 attendees at the Progressiv Retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Basel

Bildquelle: Der Socialmediafotograf @Younity

I'm sitting on the balcony. It's almost quiet. Below me bathed in blue light a huge empty hall. Pause! Everything is set up; everyone knows what is to do next. Most of the colleagues and the Younity team, I am allowed to support at this event, are in the room behind me, eating.

I want to get acquainted with the energy of the hall. It feels like the hall is already reacting to the energy. While the team and the tasks are distributed feel very stable and consolidated, it feels like the energy of the hall is coming ahead of the people, who are about to storm this hall in about an hour. It feels like the surf of the sea. Striking from the main entrance against the closed doors and the empty gallery and already creates a tension that intensifies the expectations.

In one hour, the doors will be opened and 7000 attendees will fill this hall with a euphoric energy throughout the weekend. That’s for sure.

Six huge screens will make that person visible to everyone, who will be right there at the stage. A man who has been proving for years, that thoughts generate an energy that changes life and generates healing. And who, through the power of meditation, is always able to send community energies into the universe, that are more far-reaching than what is happening in the hall.

The man I'm talking about is Dr. Joe Dispenza. And I am looking forward to this unique experience that stands in front of me. Not only because Dr. Joe is also able to make a significant contribution to my life. But also, because it is also the first workshop that takes place with 7000 participants for him.

Welcome to the St. Jakobshalle Basel.

It's August 5th 2022 and the team of Younity, the staff wonderfully trained by Younity and Dr. Joe Dispenza welcome you to a weekend in an insane energy, moments of ag agish change and a knowledge that is able to change certain things in your life.

Come with us and accompany me through this unforgettable experience!

I come back from the edition of the translation equipment just as Dr. Joe to thunderous applause steps on the stage. Although he has already familiarized himself with the hall in the afternoon, it seems to be something special for him as well, to feel and hear the energy of the 7000 attendees. His gaze runs over the interior, over the left side of the grandstand, over the right side of the grandstand, and in my perception, I feel a wow, a short, "oh my God is this huge" flare up in his energy, before I perceive the change to his safety and Dr Joe says. "That's an energy I can work with!" From that moment on, Dr Joe is in his element as I know him. In terms of content and expertise, the workshop is as I know it. Over 100th hours of studying the science of Dr Joe Dispenza, it is a huge experience for me to see how he handles the hall. The energies and what is reflected over the weekend again and again with the emotions of the participants, who have been neglected in the catering. Or the situation that the breaks are not really long enough that all 7000 participants can go to the toilet. The infrastructure of the Jakobshalle is not designed enough for this. After each break, Dr Joe addresses the own emotions from a variety of angles. Changes the energy of the hall again immediately.

In Dr Joe's workshops, it is common for participants to explain what they have just learned to each other. A learning strategy that not only promotes learning by building new neural networks, but also stabilizes and consolidates it. This way of working is of course accompanied by a lot of unrest and noise, with this number of attendees. It always impresses me how clearly and quickly Dr Joe has brought the hall back to rest and enjoys the full attention for its content. His own enthusiasm of what he tells spreads like fireworks to every single visitor.

Even in this huge hall, Joe Dispenza is very rarely on stage. Much more often I catch my eyes wandering from the gallery, over the hall to see where he is standing. The cameras stream his image to all screens while Dr Joe is in the middle of his attendees. As if he were in a normal seminar room.

During the meditations specially trained helpers are there, who observe the participants and support them if necessary. While some participants go very deep in the meditations, for me this huge accumulation of energy is highly electric. On my inner eye a huge storm of light goes off, although the hall is darkened during the meditation. Dr Joe can only be seen dimly in his chair on stage. And the helpers, whose caps shimmer in the neon colors, move quietly through the walkways of the hall. Otherwise, only the lights of the emergency lighting are switched on. Truly mystical moments that we can enjoy seven times this weekend.

On Sunday morning, a light bracelet will be distributed to the participants. Some know what it is. But many react with doubt and discomfort. “Are any measured values now being taken?” “Can it emit power surges?” We have the order not to say what it is. For me, however, it is exciting that so many questions are being asked and how critical people have become due to the pandemic situation.

The effect of this is still wonderful. These tapes are output in three different programming, which illuminated computer-controlled in different colors and sequences. These bracelets create a wonderful atmosphere throughout Sunday. And Dr Joe's intention; "I hope we were able to create some long-term memories!" I can only confirm.

In any case, this weekend will be remembered by me. Also, or precisely because this circular signet on all canvases with the lettering Unlimited, can make clear to me more than once how quickly our views, thoughts, and emotions can bring us to our limits.

Thank you, Dr Joe Dispenza, for this unique experience.

Thank you Younity for the huge amount of work involved in preparing and executing.

I have already experienced some much smaller events that have brought with them far greater challenges.

Thanks to all the helpers who have set a great sign among themselves in terms of joy, cordiality and care.

And thank you to every single participant for the incredible energy. May this event also create in your life the changes you desire in your life. I wish very much that you can use the tools of meditation to find a good way and healing for yourself. If you have any questions, you are welcome to let me know. I am very happy if I can support you in your process. Because I am also happy every day about the environment and the people who also accompany and support my path. See you hopefully soon again at an event like this or wherever we are on the journey of life.


Bildquelle: Der Socialmediafotograf @Younity

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