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Hello dear friends

My name is Training. I am responsible for growth, stability and speed. For me, it is not decisive what you want to train. Whether you want to build muscles, you are in a phase of extensive learning and want to increase memory or you want to automate certain processes and so on. For me, it's always about bringing cells into their optimal state and performance.

For this I use chemical, electrical and mechanical processes. Muscle building is stimulated by an impulse. Usually by a movement. Either the endurance or the effort causes the muscle to increase the volume. You don't have more muscles, the muscle cells just get bigger and stronger. So that they also mesh more tightly and thus you are able to hold things longer or even to lift something heavier. You can imagine this like a Velcro fastener that is simply squeezed tighter and thus holds better. But, and this will probably surprise you now, the impulse does not necessarily have to come from the movement. It is also enough to think about triggering the vision of the movement around this impulse.

If you imagine yourself running a marathon without making just one movement, it has exactly the same effect. There are studies in which the runners have completed the whole training in the vision and then only really ran on the day of the event. That was absolutely no problem for them. In the meantime, when top athletes injure themselves and have to keep body parts still for a while, or are operated, they do not create training residues and suffer muscle degeneration if they continue to carry out their training program in the imagination. The only point is that you also participate in the training in the feeling. For example, if you run up the mountain, the effort also makes you feel. And when it comes to training time, I don't compromise on anything. 2 hours of physical training is also 2 hours of visualization. I didn't say it was easier. On the contrary, keeping the focus in the vision over a longer period of time is mental high-performance training that also generates its results in the brain. Simply watching a football match on TV and while you are comfortably pouring a six-pack of beer into you is the wrong plan. The six-pack will most likely become a barrel in no time at all. Because your thoughts are already focused on it.

But let's also take a look at the mental aspects.

More and more people are meditating. More and more people are visualizing and manifesting. Some achieve great success with it, while others do not make any progress. Why is that?

In many coaching guides and with many coaches you can learn that it is enough to simply imagine your wish. You want to change something about your weight? You want to have the perfect partner at your side? You want fulfillment and fun in your work and above all you want more money, wealth and prosperity?

Just as the tennis player visualizes his match with the same effort as when he actually plays, so you have to feel that you have more money, wealth and wealth. It's not just that you just imagine buying a handbag, shoes, the expensive car and so on, lying on the beach on holiday and just thinking about how you spend the money. It's also about making you feel the way you want you to when you do your everyday things. Your shopping is done even though you have to pay attention to every penny. Pay your bills or can't order the beautiful T-shirt in the catalog right now. As long as you feel like you want something you don't have, you're lacking, and you don't have that feeling you want to achieve, it won't work. Neither with the money nor with the other ideas. That's why most people fail! Because this is high-performance training for the brain. Far more time-consuming and intense than running a marathon.

But if you can imagine how you can reach the goal step by step, there is no way around reaching the goal. The easiest way to explain it is with the weight.

You want to lose 10 kg. You imagine what you will look like if you weigh 10 kg less. What clothes you wear, how mobile you are, how you will eat and what portion sizes you will be full of. All these imagination details create a feeling. That wonderful feeling that you're on your way to being slim. However, if you now reach for cake and chocolate and the old idea in you again creates the feeling that this diet is not good for you, you have deleted the new idea of slimness again. You have fallen into the old patterns. You could have easily eaten the cake with the same feeling. The feeling that you are on your way to becoming slim. The cake would have had no effect. Only the thoughts and the chatter with the inner resistance, which holds up the finger every time and creates the bad conscience, make the weight skyrocket.

As you can see, the whole thing is anything but easy. But if you stick with it, you'll find that you're naturally creating these changes. You suddenly don't like all the sweet things anymore, you get more and more into this feeling to feel more comfortable and it no longer means giving up means living differently. To make this process easier for you, there is also the possibility of hypnosis. In such a process, this new feeling is already manifested and experienced in the initial phase. What influences the change and the new behavior so effectively that you can implement it with joy, ease and stability.

A very special group of people for me as training are the coaches, media readers and hypnotherapists. These are the real top athletes of mental training.

Due to the many visualization and training, new nerve connections are constantly being created in their brains. Because these customers have found that if they have an imprint that is associated with negative emotions, it makes no sense to constantly worry about these negative emotions. They are able to link the imprint with a positive emotion and then train to use the new connection. Sometimes this happens so quickly that an idea is processed without me getting behind. So fast that I can't register what's happening. Then it can be very tricky for me.

You can imagine that a runner, if he falls to his knees in the middle of the sprint, injures himself more than a normal walker who represents his foot. In the same way, the mentally trained people such as coaches and therapists can experience more massive reactions. Simply by the fact that the nerve cells switch much faster. A mathematician who calculates all day calculates much faster than a baker. While the baker remembers his recipes and quantities much better. This is the natural training of every specialist. The nerve pathways in the brain are trained for certain impulses.

This is also the case with my coaches and therapists in mental trainings. Only that here the nerve pathways are connected with a feeling that shows up immediately. From me, the highest mindfulness demands, which nerve pathways take the impulses. Because the old railways are not simply dismantled and certainly not immediately. They are only dismantled or replaced by new ones when they have really not been needed for longer periods of time. If only one impulse for some reason shoots through the old connection, the connection is registered again as, "in use" and the impulse can trigger much more intense feelings, as it would actually be necessary. Just like the sprinter who crashes during the Olympic run.

As a coach of the Olympic runner, I always have to train so well that I am able to run a bit faster than the runner himself. So that I can always motivate him to become a little better than he already is. This is exactly how it should be with the mental coaches and therapists. Everyone should have someone at their side who is a little better than themselves. So that he can foresee such falls or at least intervene in the course and change it for the benefit of the person concerned.

In the past time as Andrea's coach, I often asked myself who that could be. Because I realized that when she practiced with someone from the class and needed processes for herself, she could never completely let go. It's kind of always in a kind of surveillance mode. She can never let herself fall completely. Unless she is with the trainers and the specialists employed by the institute. Otherwise, she has never been allowed to experience such deep and intensive processes as there. Unfortunately, longer waiting periods are often to be expected. However, it is always worthwhile to dissolve the deep blockades with these highly qualified experts. Because each of these processes has resulted in very fast, very efficient changes in feeling and behavior.

As a training, I can only recommend that you turn to Andrea to release your blockages, if you have any. Because she has now grown into an expert in hypnosis and talk therapy who can support you as a coach and therapist. Can maintain your level. The great thing about the technique is that you don't need forever, and insanely expensive coaching packages to solve your challenges. Often a few sessions are enough and you have changed your feeling permanently and stably. Your behavior is adapted to your desire in such a way that it simply becomes easy to reach them. Be worth it to you!

With the very best wishes for your further development, I promise you that I will always do my best to keep you and your cell in the best possible stage.

In love, your training

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