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Regression, reinkarnation und spirituel Hypnosis help or marketingconzept?


For once, I am not writing this blog from the point of view of the concern, but from my own perspective.

Recently, I have come across more and more people who see the solution to their challenges in the entanglements with previous lives. In some cases, I can even understand that very well. In other cases, however, again not. On the contrary, some of the stories I get to hear annoy me a lot and make me sad. Because what often happens there is no help for the clients with their concerns, but it is really well thought-out and in a certain way dependent leading marketing concepts behind it.

Let's take a look at the increasingly fashionable aura surgery.

In order not to create a false picture now, an explanation for it:

Aura surgery is about the fact that certain traumas that we have experienced have only been treated and healed on the physical level. Let's say someone breaks their leg in a fall while skiing. The leg receives medical care and heals. Nevertheless, the memory of the fall is so present here on the next ski holiday that skiing is not as much fun as before. If this fear persists despite repeated experience in which nothing has happened, a psychological aspect is present here. Often observed in top athletes who can no longer build on the old performance.

People who have a connection to spirituality and understand the physical laws of energetic influences can dissolve these energies created by the fall, among other things, with the help of aura surgery. In contrast to regression hypnosis, the aura surgeon dissolves the energy. In regression hypnosis you find your own way to change this energy. In my perception, it is always more effective to find and dissolve the solution yourself than to have it dissolved by someone. Because you only change the behavior if you have an awareness of how you can prevent yourself from getting back into this "fear" of not being able to ski as safely as before the accident.

Now, in aura surgery, there is a belief that our challenges in this life come from traumas of previous lives. This starts with A-like atlas correction and ends with Z-like obsessive-compulsive disorder. Many clients turn again and again in the same therapy loop. Repeatedly have physical difficulties such as imbalances, vertebral displacements, herniated discs, headaches, tensions, etc. Often it is not possible to find out where these symptoms come from. Medically, people are completely healthy. Nevertheless, these often severe symptoms are there.

Currently, the belief is circulating, or it is put into the world by some aura surgeons, that such symptoms come from the fact that in a previous life we were beheaded, split, burned, chained or otherwise tortured and our body is still affected by these traumas. The client is imposed in such a way that his headache is caused by being beheaded by a guillotine and the therapy with the aura surgeon can resolve this trauma. An acquaintance has received a 14-page PDF about what is behind her symptoms and what she can do about them. The text excluded all hypotheses and was written in a language that was highly negatively suggestive for me as a hypnosis expert. A marketing concept that generates a whole lot of credit to the aura surgeon if the client wants to resolve all your challenges. In view of the fact that people who are under such great suffering represent a great happiness for the therapist and a huge bad luck for the client. Because these people are highly influenceable.

I also know aura surgeons who take their profession seriously and where the client's problem solving is in the foreground. No frequent repetitions of the sessions are necessary. And such superimposed, creepy images have no relevance either. I don't think the dissolution of spiritual energies is fundamentally wrong. However, for me it always depends on what intention a therapist has and with which concern the client comes.

In hypnosis we distinguish between regression, reincarnation and spiritual hypnosis:

The differences here are that in regression in our lives we go back to a point in this life where the concern was particularly intense. This does not necessarily have to be the first time, as the imprints can intensify over time. The first time may not have been that relevant. Similar to the image of a sparkler. In the beginning, the sparkler only glows until it has developed heat and then really catches fire to let sparks sprout. The longer the sparkler is and the larger it is, the more sparks it produces. We are still in this life.

We are in reincarnation when the concern leads us to a situation in a previous life. For me as a hypnotherapist, this is sometimes not easy to recognize.

Let's say a person always feels tied up in some way in their life. It does not make any progress and has to make a comparatively great effort to achieve the same goals as others. Then it may be that the person creates an image that he was tied to a torture pole in a previous life. For you, this image is simply a synonym for her feelings, which she can understand. Whether she really lived as an Indian or not is not really relevant in this regard. Because the task that is relevant here is to change this feeling of attachment for the person in such a way that he no longer burdens this feeling in everyday life. For me as a therapist, it is only important to recognize in which period we are in the process, so that I can lead the person back into the here and now at the end of the session. This can also be a small challenge, as the path to the situation is not described exactly and the reincarnation is not fundamentally and intentionally generated by me. Often clients come with the desire to lead a reincarnation process because they already have certain images. However, they cannot find the solution to their concern in these pictures. In these cases, such a reincarnation session is very helpful. The person finds his way to the solution through the access in hypnosis. Sometimes in the previous life, sometimes much earlier.

My mentor Gabriel Palacios had among his clients a client who worked as a physicist. She wanted to know what it was like when the earth consisted only of cells. She was convinced that this energy that gave rise to the earth at that time was the same energy that makes our lives possible. Even if this sounds completely crazy now, this process has been able to generate explanations for this person that they have been able to take a big step forward in their work.

For me, such processes are not humbug or an obstacle if the desire comes from a client. In my opinion, it only becomes problematic when clients are manipulated by so-called coaches, spiritual readers and media in such a way that they are tempted to willingly invest a lot of money and time to solve their problems. Which they actually do not have at all and only arise through gullibility or by triggering certain fears. Just because they credibly believe well-practiced "clever people" who know how to play with people's fears. Such stories can sometimes lead me to despair.

For me, the intention is always that a client leaves me after an encounter with a good and positive feeling. With a realization that has brought him forward. By no means does he leave me with another deep-seated challenge that forces him to book more sessions. Of course, it may be that in my follow-up conversation, that each client gets free of charge with his session, a correction must be made. In most cases, this can even be changed in the conversation. Since the conditions had already been laid at the meeting.

Spiritual hypnosis makes a small difference here:

In spiritual hypnosis, not only the previous lives are looked at, but also the phases in between. We can look at how talent has developed. Where our skills come from. What experiences we have already had in previous lives that are relevant to us today in this life. Look at soulmates, especially when we experience the same difficulties in relationships over and over again. Or find desired experiences that we have met or when we can not find our meaning in life. Many of these answers are in the phases between lives. If this information is relevant and useful for this life, this valuable information can be brought to the surface in hypnosis. If this information were not useful for this life, it would also remain hidden. Not all experiences we have had in previous lives can be accessed. If we do not get answers to certain questions, then we should not get them, so that we do not change our path on the basis of such information or lead it in the wrong direction. We can also only make decisions based on our own gut feeling. These are not taken from us. However, once we have made a decision, we may get confirmation of it.

Maybe you have already seen at a media reading that a decision made by the client has been confirmed. However, the confirmation does not come in the sense of "it was the right or wrong decision", but it was good that a decision was made, as now the path can continue. I have never heard that there are answers such as "You should have decided differently" or "You should have recognized..."

Every decision is one that takes you further and makes further experiences possible. Only if you stop, you may get a hint that a decision is pending.

I myself am not a medium and do not experience any contact with the hereafter in the classical sense. However, I also experience a connection again and again, which allows me to find the right words in the sessions, makes me ask the right questions, and lets me see the right pictures for the client.

As a coach, I can say with a clear conscience that hypnosis is a tool that can create a wonderful change in many areas very quickly. A tool that I use every day for myself to cope with my own physical challenges. And I hope that many more coaches are concerned about providing people with the best help with their knowledge in the shortest possible time.

Without dependent marketing concepts and imposed own opinions and views and misinterpreted facts. This makes me sad for any person seeking help. My consolation lies in the thought that every coach who thinks this way will sooner or later have to bear the consequences.

In Love

Your Andrea

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