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Since "The Secret" at the latest, the idea of manifestation has been in everyone's minds. Some swear it works others laugh at it.

But let's take a look at this phenomenon from a scientific point of view.

The difference between desire and manifestation lies solely in the energy.

As a baby I was hungry and this need triggered in me the desire for food, which my parents fulfilled. Later, I wished that I would be told a story, that someone would play with me, etc. These wishes were sometimes not fulfilled. So I've learned that I can't always get everything. Even later, I learned that I can fulfill my own wishes. Most of us have learned to save in order to fulfill our wishes.

So I spent some form of energy, went for a walk with the neighbor dog, mowed lawns or did some other work to get the money to fulfill the wish. I learned to convert energy into matter so that I can get the matter I want. So I did something for my wish and had an idea of how to achieve the wish.

Now, however, physics shows us that shifting mass with mass is quite exhausting. Sometimes even impossible. We can already see this in our daily shopping. My body mass is able to carry a certain number of kg of purchases. However, if I need something bigger like a bed or a wooden table, or simply a certain number of drinks, I need help very quickly. Either in the form of a vehicle that makes it easier for me to carry, the energy converted from carrying e.B. or I need a second person to whom I can transfer the load.

Quantum physics is now starting to say that energy changes mass. Energy has a frequency and that frequency must be consistent with what I want. Coherent means the same as.

So if I wish for e.B. now a holiday by the sea, I send out this frequency as if I am already on holiday by the sea. I have to behave like when I'm on holiday by the sea. I have to imagine what I experience there, what I do, what I see, what I eat and in my imagination experience this holiday again and again. Until the feeling of being on vacation has become my habit. My feeling is allowed to develop as if I am on holiday every day. I enjoy this experience so much that I draw the possibilities to make this holiday like a magnet in my life.

So it's not that I wish for something, imagine it and then do nothing more, as is often taught. It is imperative that I have the frequency that my desire is to draw him to me. If here is the slightest doubt, the slightest difference in frequency, I manifest the doubt and the wish remains unfulfilled. The feelings and emotions must correspond to what I want. In my perception, my wish is already reality, because the brain cannot distinguish reality and imagination. My emotion in the imagination makes the imagination my experience.

In this way, networks build up in my brain from which resources arise for me, even though I have not yet experienced this experience in reality.

Let's assume that I have a disease. Then the idea of my health is the manifestation. I always go back to the idea, feelings and emotion of being healthy. I see myself doing the things I would do if I was healthy. According to the law of quantum physics, this healthy self already exists. Of course, the body needs a certain amount of time, or an uplifting experience during meditation, to adapt to the healthy self. But every second the body produces 23,000 new cells and 23,000 die. So we are in constant regeneration. If we now live according to the rules of quantum physics, we reprogram the cells via the feelings and emotions. To get into these feelings, we need an idea. Thus, we change the epigenetics. The cell always adapts to the environment and the environment. Cell renewal is based on the realities of my imagination and my emotions. By my imagination.

I now deepen this idea in a guide, in meditation. It amplifies the emotion, the body perceives it as if you already had it, as if you already are. You already feel healthy. If you can now make it clear to your mind that your illness belongs to your past self and you conscientiously make the life of the future self more and more your own, you will naturally adapt your life path to what you imagine. Your life becomes what you imagine, step by step. The connections you will experience in meditation/training are so stable and deep that you can no longer take any doubt seriously in these moments.

Dr. Joe Dispenza calls this the elevated feelings, "elevated emotions". These happen during training, through new connections in the neural networks in the brain.

When he says: "You get up after meditation and are a different person than the one who sat down, then I now know from my experience what is meant by that.

Is this path easy? No! Will you have doubts? Yes! Will there be times when you are frustrated? Definitely!

What your brain and body, which usually do not even work together in our everyday lives, do is a top performance. What you can endure in terms of change is often unpleasant. Your subconscious mind and chemical compositions are not simply changed by an idea. Your system wants to keep everything as it is habitual. You can always go into this field of new and unimagined possibilities and learn to feel comfortable with this unfamiliar.

You are no longer the sick person who deals with everything that is no longer possible. Who deals with the "worst case" scenarios. You are a different person. Every time you get up.

How often are you asked; "How are you?"

How about answering; «Better every day!»

From a biological point of view, you have also changed quite a bit. After 7 hours of sleep, you have 579,600,000 new cells.

And the most important thing must not be forgotten here. The gratitude! How grateful would you be if you were healthy? How grateful you would be if your wishes came true. With the performance you send out the wish. With gratitude, the wish is already fulfilled. See yourself living and behave as if you already have everything. And now you suddenly realize in your everyday life what you have to change so that you can live your dream.

Now your personality creates your personal reality.

Can you believe in a future you don't see today?

I wish you every success in gaining experience and look forward to your report.

Your Andrea

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