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How do I deal with myself?


Hallo dear fans of visions,

Today I write as me for myself. How do I deal with myself?

There were times when I was the harshest critic, the biggest pessimist and my value system suffered a lot from the many different physical limitations.

My inner critic hardly had a good word left for me. And I didn't even think it was funny.

It's not that I didn't pay attention to myself, on the contrary. My time besides working as a childminder was well filled with therapy sessions and trainings. At least in phases. Because I usually only trained to get no reprimand from the therapist. The interesting thing is that we can criticize ourselves so much and masterfully understand how to avoid that someone else is not satisfied with us.

Well, do you already feel at home? Do you know that too?

In the end, the whole thing brought me so far that I could hardly walk anymore. I had pain in the shoulder from relieving the hip, my posture was so crooked and crooked that I could no longer sit properly and I was finally even lying on the floor to eat. If I had to go to the toilet I made a plan for what I needed until I would get up again and I forgot to take it with me, it just waited until the next time I was forced to get up. From this point of view, I took care of myself at a very high frequency. Only the way I did it was probably not quite the best. Because it was above all a struggle.

A fight against pain

A struggle to do my therapy,

A struggle to stay mobile,

A fight against obesity,

A fight against stress,

And again and again the fight to be good enough.

Only against my own thoughts I have never fought.

I have allowed the guilt and feelings of deficiency to the deepest depths of the subconscious.

So I also mastered a move with over ninety moving boxes, in which a moving team helped me just for the in and out carrying the things.

I have really exhausted my abilities to suppress the pain through visions and thus pushed the pain away more and more. However, as is the case, when something is beaten away from itself more and more vigorously, it comes back to you with all the more force. Until nothing else is possible than to avert the impact. To act and to interact and to deal with it completely. Before you completely blow yourself away.

For a long time I thought that meditation is a precursor to hypnosis and why should I leave something that I can change.

Today I am a certified hypnotherapist and meditation is as much a part of my everyday life as eating and sleeping. Over the years in the training of meditation processes, coaching training and specialist certification in hypnosis, I have not only become pain-free. I got to know each other in a completely different way. Not from the physiological point of view, but in connection with body, mind and soul. It may be easier to accept the soul and the spirit if the body does not want it as it should. But what is true from the inside begins to change at some point in the outside.

Many diseases, many symptoms even if they are taken over or inherited, have their origin in the program of microbiologists. In other words, at the cellular level with which DNA and RNA are also connected. Cell programs that, for some reason, no longer function as nature intended.

Even this is not true, because when any change happens, it always has a function. Usually a warning for something that would be even worse.

So perhaps it would be a better idea to listen to it than to shoot at it with weapons from the outside. Or at least it would be appropriate to do both.

And that's exactly what I love about hypnotherapy. I can connect to points that the subconscious mind has installed for security purposes in the situation. Connections have been created that worked at that time. today, however, in some cases they are harmful. Only that I don't recognize it myself. I only recognize the symptom or action. In some cases, the action may even have become a habit.

Looking at these points and dissolving them has nothing to do with struggle and rejection, but with desensitization, forgiveness and harmonization of these situations. In many cases, the change of this initial imprint already solves the plot. However, if we have already mastered it into a habit, hypnosis also needs a training phase. A conscious recognition that we have changed the situation. However, hypnosis allows the dissolution of ordinary resistance, against change.

Today I can offer this help to people who can no longer make any progress with their challenges in a conventional way. Have reached their limits in medical treatment. Even though it looks like I'm only going to do this for others, I'm doing it primarily for myself. Because this is something very exciting, because it is creative, because it requires a lot of mutual trust, and a corresponding respect for every person who confides in each other. And precisely for these reasons, it would also be irresponsible to offer the therapy sessions free of charge. The results are so magical and unimaginable that I would create a great sense of guilt if I did not charge for it.

Of course, I can't promise that it will work. However, I can create the best conditions for it to work. Creating the basis for the resistance to be as small as possible and the understanding to be as great as possible.

When I am asked today what I do for myself, the answer is everything.

Everything I do, I do primarily for myself. Because if I wasn't with myself, I couldn't help anyone in this way. The joy of the success of my clients is also my joy. Learning to understand connections is also my growth, my expertise. That's why I do everything I do for myself. Your success is also my success. For this my humble gratitude.

Your Andrea

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