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Does your personality create your personal reality or create your personal reality...


(Source Dr. Joe Dispenza)

For the past two weeks, I've been talking about building neural networks and who you are in the weekly topics on Instagram and Facebook.

This week I would like to follow up on this thread. Because who you are and how you use your neural networks automatically leads to the question: "Does your personal reality create your personality? Or does your personality create your personal reality?

In other words, are you so influenced by the events on the outside, the tasks that have to be fulfilled, that you can no longer be yourself? Or are you able from your personality to be the enrichment that is needed without having to adapt completely.

Both can be coherent in their own right. Because not everyone is made to see, develop and implement giving up themselves. Many people are happy to be able to carry out tasks and not to be in the responsibility of an entire department or company. It only becomes a challenge when you give up your personality for it and your feelings and emotions suffer as a result.

From this perspective, the question becomes interesting. Because our thoughts create our feelings and thoughts and feelings are responsible for our emotions. And the emotions, strengthened again and again by the same behavioral patterns and the same experiences, become an automatic program over time.

At the age of 35, we can automatically associate every performance with an emotion. And since these emotions are stored in the subconscious, i.e. triggered by the autonomic nervous system, the program of our subconscious takes over the control of our reaction.

We are guided by the experiences and experiences of our past and automatically adapt to this program. In this way, we project the past into our future.

Can this change anything in our lives? Can development emerge from these projections? Maybe you are satisfied with what you have and happy, then I am happy for you at this point. But if there are any discrepancies between your life and your idea of your life, you feel in any way that this life has more to offer than you currently have, then you should take the lead again and make sure that your personality takes responsibility for your personal reality again. Because if you remain in this dissatisfaction and cannot develop further, sooner or later in your life there will be events that make you change something. Your soul ensures that steps of development find a place in our lives again. Unfortunately, these are often not so pleasant.

Many people report that they have had some dissatisfaction in their lives. A lot went wrong and then an event occurred that forced her to make far-reaching changes in her life. Be it that they would no longer have been able to do their job, be it that something has happened in the family that has prevented them from continuing so far, or simply external circumstances such as a dismissal, etc. No one reports that they have manifested themselves in these circumstances. In a way, that's right. However, if we look at the whole thing from the point of view of quantum physics, incoherent vibrations cannot connect with each other. However, if I am in a steadily lower vibration, this can also increase. The events that then affect me are therefore increasingly difficult to cope with.

It is the same with the positive events. If I can grow with the vibration and this results in development potential for me, that does not mean that I have no challenges. It is just challenges that lead to a further development for me and not one that weakens me even more.

Or in other words, by not manifesting this and not developing my future, these events have been able to take up any place in life at all. They have just coupled themselves to the vibration that I have already felt and experienced.

Well, if I wake up in the morning and my thoughts revolve around all the things that don't trigger positive and happy feelings in me even before my feet touch the ground, how will my day go?

However, if I start to set my alarm clock with a good mood music and not with the news from the radio, the first thought of the day is already a completely different one and thus also my feeling.

In my training as a hypnotherapist, I have learned to change pretty much everything that is a challenge for me. My brain is now highly creative in connecting ideas and feelings. The meditation training, which is part of everyday life for me, has become an important tool to take a closer look at the ideas and the steps it takes to be able to implement these ideas, to generate them.

Thus, I create my outer reality from my inner imagination. Learn to ask the right questions again and again, the answers to which can then take me one step further. Of course, this is also a question of balance. But only if I am open to the unknown new things, to development that can arise from ideas and perhaps also dreams and if I do not destroy these ideas and dreams with my limiting thoughts and feelings of the past, it is possible to create a life that does not consist of the knowledge of the past.

My knowledge of the past, for 5 years, would mean that I would lie on the carpet on my stomach and there would be no perspective of an independent life for me. This belief, suggested by doctors, therapists and the experience of pain, led me to take a completely different direction.

And by changing my mind and learning the ability not to reject my condition, but to recognize and see what it allows me to do, has given my life a whole new direction. My brain has learned to no longer regard the genetic malformation of the hip as a constantly degrading element of matter, but to see it as a potential for development. Which already has massive effects on the pain stimulus. Because pain is primarily a warning sign of a state of deterioration.

In medicine, nothing can be changed in this regard for many clinical pictures. The symptoms can be dampened, the perception weakened. Which in turn leads to the fact that the body chemically gets used to the dosages and the addition of the substances must be increased more and more. This, too, is a reality that is created and that is reinforced by the fear of the result that every dosage has limits at some point.

There are now many stories like mine and with diagnoses that are also quite life-threatening. If you are still interested in my story, I have described it in my book "Leiden schafft Leidenschaft", which is available from Trainerverlag.

But the research is not idle and the success stories of the people who attended Dr. Joe Dispenza's workshops speak for themselves. Dr. Joe is a highly valued mentor of mine and brings a lot of clarity and understanding to the working and functioning of our brain through his research results. He makes the thoughts, the connection to the feelings and emotions and the processing of the whole system in the body.

My story and the stories of the many people who tell of their successes can also become your story.

Here you have the opportunity to book a free conversation with me to find out if the model of hypnosis and meditation can also be the right way for you.

Change your thoughts and give wings to your life.

Just give me a call, write me an e-mail or fill out the contact form on my offer page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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