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Updated: Mar 1

Change, Change

This blog today is written with the intention of change

When I felt ill with a very mild course of Corona in January, I asked myself what I should do over a week with the time. And I first listened to Joe Dispenza's audiobooks again and was so captivated by them that I wanted more. So, I sat down and watched his progressive and intensive online workshops.

During the last few years, in which I no longer found the fulfillment with childcare, it became financially and health-wise worse and worse, I often asked myself the questions about the "Why?". In the trainings I have completed as a mental coach and hypnotherapist, a lot has become clear to me. And as a hypnotherapist, it's easy to change anything that doesn't feel good.

But where, does the change begin and to what extent is it a "slice the truth away from oneself"? In the time since January , a lot has happened in me and also in my environment. I have met the right people who can support me really well in terms of marketing, have massively improved my English skills, and have come to insights and experiences through a daily meditation training that I would never have expected.

When I moved to Oensingen last year in August, I suffered a herniated disc in the cervical spine in addition to my hip. The effects of it, a deaf right hand and I couldn't lie down for weeks. The high-dose drugs could not change this. And my feeling of no longer being able to lean on my arms and hands and rely on them has done its own.

And exactly these feelings of lack, these feelings of having to do something, these feelings that made it so far, that five years ago I did not get any further than from the floor to the bathroom. From today's point of view, the process that has come after that still, has a lot to do with the movement of matter and not much with the energy, loke I learned to understand through Dr. Jo Dispenza.

The symbolic content of the past, which is reflected again and again due to limited knowledge.

The feelings and emotions emit the frequencies that do exactly what we don't want and bring many more of them back to life again and again, because the focus is nowhere else.

The so-called white wall, which my mentor used in the coaching training as a projection of the book "The Secret", from whose energy nothing can arise.

From today's knowledge, this is also completely wrong. Since we send out energies all the time, we also attract energies all the time. And if these energies are not to our advantage, then we also draw Dinge into life that are not to our advantage.

As I worked my way through these two workshops, I understood very quickly what I had done so far, which made it the way it is. Since I changed that, people have come into my life who accompany me personally, just as they are a great support in my business areas. People who, like me, are open to possibilities that are sometimes outside the so-called horizon. Or outside the box, as Dr Joe Dispenza explains in his guidance "changing boxes". I have translated this for our German community and if you’re curious it you can find a free version of it by Dr Joe Dispenza on YouTube.

This thinking outside the Box often has influences on the experiences in the meditations. Just as it is possible in hypnosis to make someone forget their name and this is an unforgettable experience for the client, the experiences of meditation are also a part of reality that can no longer be denied.

I talk about all these experiences every Monday in another journal, which is currently only available in English for reasons of the community. If you still want to look at the journal , you can do so at thelink . The site is not a public page and for this reason only intended for my community.

If you can read this blog, my website is online again and presents itself with a new layout and many new possibilities. I am very happy and grateful for the new opportunities offered to me, by the change of domain. And I am now happy to be in better contact with you.

A report about me has just been published in a local journal, which once describes how the client experienced hypnosis. What challenges and experiences have presented themselves for Him. I am very happy to have been able to be a part of this edition of "Der Önzinger". And as soon it is published also in the electronic way, I’ll translate it a place it on my webpage.

Hypnosis is a way that means a purpose in life for me. A life purpose that has gained a deeper understanding of the knowledge of biology, chemical processing in the body and energy work and can open up much more potential. In combination with the frequency energy treatments, which thus become a natural extension, I feel blessed to be able to experience and experience this process myself through my disability. Tobe able to pass on this knowledge and to see that hypnosis opens up new perspectives for clients, they suddenly achieve goals that they would never have dared to dream of, fills me with gratitude and even more dedication to the profession.

Would you like to experience hypnosis yourself? Then simply contact me for a free consultation. Hypnosis can also be performed from the comfort of your home. You don't have to take on long trip strains. It's best to write me an e-mail. That's where you can reach me best.

Or take a look at my seminar offer. There are seminars on different topics. The 2-hour seminars on pain, frequency allergy and forgiveness work are free of charge for you. For me, these three areas belong to a basis that can really change something.

Maybe you even think "nonsense" forgiveness work, I never forgive the person for that. And if you just thought so, you should take a closer look at this seminar. Because it's not about forgiving someone. It's about harmonizing your anger towards this situation. It's about your injury.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Only the very best from the heart

Your Andrea

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