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Animal Heilung with Ennergy Healing:
A Powerful Therapy Approach

auche ein in die Welt der Energieheilung für deine geliebten Tiere.

Since animals lack rational thinking, frequency energy often proves to be even more effective in animals than in humans. Animals instinctively respond to this energy and notice its beneficial effects.

Natural Connection to the Frequency System

As animals naturally inhabit a frequency system, they willingly absorb diseases, burdens, and worries from their owners. It's well-known that animals visibly suffer when their owners are not feeling well. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in horses, but even cats are recognized as "healers."

Limits of Animal Healing

However, when the animal itself suffers, limits are often quickly reached. Despite their natural connection to the frequency system, animals have their own physical and psychological boundaries.

Invitation to Therapy

Animal Healing through Frequency Energy: Invitation to Therapy

We cordially invite you to discover the transformative power of frequency energy for your pet's health. In our therapy sessions, we harness the natural resonance of animals to frequencies, aiming to improve their well-being and activate their self-healing abilities.

What to Expect in Our Sessions?

In our sessions, we will tailor our approach to the specific needs of your animal. Through targeted application of frequency energy, we will work together to address diseases, stress, and discomfort, ultimately fostering a happier and healthier life for your pet.

Schedule Your Appointment Now

Seize the opportunity and schedule an appointment today for a personal consultation. Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions and create an individual treatment plan for your animal.

Costs and Further Information

Single Sessions                                                                                                                    35.- CHF

5-Day Daily Follow-Up Treatment, 15 Minutes                                                               170.- CHF

10-Day Daily Follow-Up Treatment, 15 Minutes                                                             332.- CHF

20-Day Daily Follow-Up Treatment, 15 Minutes Each with a Break on Saturdays         647.- CHF


3-Month Intensive Support:

  • Introduction: 5 days of free intensive support

  • During these 3 months, you will learn:

    • How to read your animal and restore energy flow for your pet.

    • Weekly 1-hour Zoom call for continued learning and one-on-one practice with your animal and me.

Price:                                                                                                                                2105.- CHF

Installment Plan: 3 installments of                                                                            710.- CHF each


For information on costs, availability, and any further questions, feel free to reach out to me anytime. Your animal deserves a happy and healthy life - let's embark on this journey together.

Note: Please be aware that neither the veterinarian nor I can guarantee the survival or healing of your animal. We are simply doing our best to ensure the well-being of both animal and human.

Hypnoses- and

Talk-Therapy after Invaluation®

Energy Healing

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