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This book describes a path from endless loop therapy to painlessness. Born with an undeveloped hip, through a childhood of many surgeries, to a point where walking has become almost impossible. Accompanied for a long time by physical pain, and psychological pain of rejection and not being able to do anything well enough. The path with mental training, meditation and hypnosis, back to life with your own hypnosis practice. It tells of many hurdles and obstacles and reflections about yourself and your own life. A path that, through imagination, can achieve great changes on a physical level. A path that also brings peace and trust in one's own abilities and relationships through a changed perspective. This book is available in public bookstores

in the trainer publishing house

at Amazon

at Ex Libris

at Orell Füssli


How about familiarizing your body, mind and soul with new habits?
With the valuable guided tours of well-known specialists, I am always happy to overcome my own challenges. Sometimes there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Because this tour is so valuable to me, I simply translated it and re-recorded it for you.
Try it out and see how it feels for you.
Have lots of fun with it!

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Thanks very much!

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