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Weight Loss Journey:
Your Key to a Healthier You

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Nearly one in three people is overweight. This alone is not necessarily a problem in many cases. It becomes severe when the individuals suffer. Health is at stake. Heart attacks, diabetes, or strokes are just some of the devastating consequences of being overweight. Often, self-esteem also suffers. For many affected individuals, their quality of life decreases. Many want to be slim, fit, and beautiful, like the role models in advertising, film, and television.

Many clients have already tried countless unsuccessful diets. Often plagued by weakness, cravings, dizziness, and irritability. You are tired of constantly thinking about losing weight. You can get help through long-established and constantly evolving techniques for weight reduction with hypnosis. This way, you can effortlessly and healthily lose weight with the power of your subconscious.

It will almost happen by itself. You will be surprised at how easy it will be to eat healthily and properly. How easy it will be for you to avoid unhealthy foods. How effortlessly you can "pass by" the small snacks. How effortless it is to achieve and maintain your desired weight. Losing weight with hypnosis is quite simple. Additionally, you will receive valuable and extremely helpful tips and mental exercises to quickly achieve your goal.

Losing weight with hypnosis means:

  • Losing weight without the yo-yo effect

  • Losing weight stress-free and balanced

  • Losing weight permanently and continuously

  • Losing weight without starving

  • Enjoying more movement and exercise

  • Without consciously giving up beloved foods


Hypnosis initiates a process of change in the subconscious. This makes it much easier and effortless for you to lose weight. Hypnosis is tailored specifically to your desires and needs. So that you can achieve the greatest possible success. My goal is to help you reach your ideal weight without a tedious diet in a support package over 6 months.

For extremely severe obesity, a follow-up package after a certain period may be advisable, as needs and characteristics in life will change comprehensively.

  • Individual advice and support

  • Individual treatment

  • Proven and state-of-the-art hypnosis techniques

  • Personal experiences

  • If desired, we will put you in touch with personal trainers if you want to do more sports


Losing weight with hypnosis – what does science say?

The effectiveness of hypnosis has been demonstrated in numerous national and international publications. The University of Tübingen has a working group on hypnotherapy led by Prof. Dr. Dirk Revenstorf. This working group continuously strives to contribute to this field. As well as to develop and improve hypnotherapeutic treatment concepts based on the latest findings.

How does weight loss with hypnosis work?

Through hypnosis, unconscious behaviors are reconditioned. This releases the blockades. Emotional burdens are also resolved. Modern hypnosis techniques help you unconsciously direct "programs" in a positive direction.

Hypnosis is not a state of loosing controle. On the contrary, you have more control over yourself and your mind. The state of inner attention allows access to your subconscious. Change is now fast and reliable.

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I do not use Virtual Gastric Band.

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