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"Harmonic Healing: Exploring Frequency Energy Therapy"

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The Power of Frequency Energy

As beings with an energy field surrounding us - the so-called aura - we are not alone. Organs also possess their own energy fields, the frequencies of which are crucial for their health. Similar to a well-tuned radio transmitting clear sound, organs are healthy when their frequencies are balanced.

The Effects of Stress and Negativity on Frequencies

However, persistent stress or negative thoughts can shift these frequencies, which, according to numerous studies and anecdotal evidence, can trigger diseases. It's not always the organs themselves, but the energy surrounding them that serves as the trigger.

The Possibility of Frequency Energy Treatment

Treatment with frequency energy can help bring the body's and organs' vibrations back into harmony with health. Positive changes have already been observed, but further research is needed to better understand and substantiate these phenomena.

Application Areas and Methods

I primarily apply these treatments when other methods are unsatisfactory or when the body is too weak to heal itself. Treatment can also be conducted online, without direct contact.

The Importance of Faith and Trust

What I need is your unwavering faith in a higher intelligence or universal forces, as the frequency does not come from me, but through my belief. This requires understanding, trust, and the willingness to change.

Coaching Package for Support and Maintenance of Results

The package includes six free frequency healings, followed by personal sessions and daily energy transmissions over a period of three months.


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