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Pain-therapeutic hypnosis


The approach of pain therapy lies on the one hand in understanding the process of perception of pain and on the other hand in focusing. Hypnosis is not a magic tool that can magic away pain from one second to the next. (For this, the offer of frequency healing is better suited.)
In hypnotherapy we find a new way of dealing with the pain and take a closer look at the triggers of the pain, as well as your ideas and beliefs about the pain.
Hypnosis makes it possible to perform surgical procedures and dental treatments without pain. This is possible by constantly maintaining the hypnosis over a longer period of time. However, not for long-term treatment of chronic pain.
Due to the development during the therapy and in order to maintain the pain reduction in the long term, I can recommend a form of therapy with at least 6 sessions over a period of at least 3 months.

Price: 1'111 CHF
Regular meditation training significantly improves the course of the therapy.


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