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Soaring through the air: Overcoming the fear of flying

Nie mehr Flugangst mit Hypnosetherapie Andrea Tschanz

Enabling Joyful Reunions

Festive days come around throughout the year, a time for family, community, and heartfelt embraces. Yet, for some, this may seem like an impossible dream, especially when the thought of boarding an airplane sends shivers down their spine. Perhaps loved ones reside too far away, inaccessible without taking to the skies. What lies at the root of this feeling of fear?

Understanding the Causes

Maybe you've had negative experiences with flying in the past and can pinpoint the origin of your fear. Alternatively, you may find no explanation for this fear. Other underlying anxieties may contribute to your aversion to flying.

Embracing Change

However, fear doesn't have to dictate your path in life. Through hypnosis, it's possible to reshape your perception of flying. Envision a future where you embark on flights with joy and ease, effortlessly reuniting with your family or soaking up the sun on a tropical island.

Heading: Turning Dreams into Reality

Is this a dream you want to make a reality? Wondering how to bring it to life? Reach out to me, and together, we'll embark on a therapeutic journey to address your fear. Sessions can be conducted online or in person and are tailored to your well-being. Upon request, we can even arrange a practice flight where I'll guide you through every step of the process.

I firmly believe that after our collaboration, the airplane will no longer stand as a barrier between you and the warm embraces of your loved ones.


Therapiesitzung mit Begleitung vom Flughafen deiner Wahl.
CHF 555.-
Plus Reisekosten
Unterkunf und Spesen nach jeweils aktuellem Preisangebot

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