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Overcome Fear Of Flying

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Fear of Flying: Understanding and Overcoming

For many people, the thought of flying is more frightening than exciting. The fear and panic of flying keep many from ever stepping foot on an airplane.

Some notice the first signs of their fear of flying even when booking their ticket. Anxiety, panic attacks, and a tightness in the chest make flying unbearable for them. Many with a fear of flying avoid it altogether and prefer destinations reachable by car, train, or ship. Professionally, fear of flying can even jeopardize or end careers.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Hypnosis has helped many people overcome fears and phobias. There are also excellent chances of eventually flying more relaxed again, even with a fear of flying.

Fear of Flying - Who benefits from this intensive session?

  • Individuals who experience physical symptoms of fear, such as palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, weak knees, or nausea when flying or even just thinking about it.

  • Individuals who have never flown due to their fear of flying.

  • Individuals for whom every new flight is a stressful and anxious experience.

  • Individuals who would like to fulfill their travel dreams but have not dared to board a plane yet.

  • Individuals who clearly feel their fear of flying and have anxious thoughts before the flight.


You can confidently book a session if there are no serious health concerns against flying. If you would like to learn more about fears and panic attacks, please click on the corresponding menu. In an inner conflict between reason and emotion, emotion always prevails. Willpower alone is hardly helpful here.

How Hypnosis Helps Overcome Fear of Flying

Even if your mind knows that airplanes are one of the safest means of transportation, you can still be overwhelmed by fear. Your fear is irrational because rational action would be for your mind to prevail. But the underlying emotions are controlled by the subconscious and are therefore difficult to reach directly through consciousness. Since your subconscious speaks the language of images and feelings, changes that you consciously want can hardly occur in the long term. Hypnosis acts as a translator that can give your subconscious the right impulses to dissolve the fear of flying.

People can only perceive one emotion at a time, namely the strongest one at the moment. Through communication with the subconscious and analytical hypnosis, deep relaxation is possible, making self-hypnosis learned during therapy effective even for fear of flying. It has a relaxing, calming effect and alleviates stress.

What Can Hypnosis Achieve for Fear of Flying?

If past negative flight experiences impair your relaxed flying, hypnosis can help overcome these fears and panic as a gentle method. In a personal one-on-one session, I can help you find and resolve the causes to achieve long-term or even permanent success. Additionally, you will receive a personally tailored audio recording from me so you can experience deep relaxation before or during a flight. Hypnosis is often more effective than mere advice, calming conversations, or safety information sessions.

Schedule your appointment now for a personal consultation.

This appointment is a personal gift for you and is not tied to any further obligations.

Please note my very unique offer for fear of flying.

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